Policy: Terms and Conditions for 724 International Pharmacy

724 International Pharmacy will only ship products under the following terms and conditions, and all sales are final.

1. 724 International Pharmacy accepts no liability for the use of any products supplied, and the buyer agrees that he/she shall not re-sell the product and shall use them only under the guidance of a physician.

2. The buyer is responsible for determining and abiding by his/her country's importation regulations.

3. Resend policy is covered when a sufficient proof is shown, such as seizure letter. Once the proof is shown, we will either re-send the product at our own cost, or refund in full amount. Depends on the situation, we do not always refund in full amount. 724 International Pharmacy is not responsible for wrong delivery address provided by purchaser. We do not re-send package for any discount sales.

4. 724 International Pharmacy does not accept order if the credit card registered address is not the same as delivery address. Unless you are using your real ISP email address, not hotmail, yahoo, free email service, and reachable phone number. Otherwise, order will be cancelled.

5. Because of fraudulent orders, we are checking every order thoroughly for yours as well as our security.

6. 724 International Pharmacy reserves the right to cancel any order placed by any purchaser after carefully consideration, from section (4), (5), country law, and location. We also do purchaser check up for possible credit card fraud, if in case, report will be filed to proper authorities and law enforcement of purchaser's country. Again, we take credit card fraud very serious.

7. 724 International Pharmacy accept personal check online, however, for the check clearance, we will only ship order after 8 days.

8. Non-members has more chance of cancelling order from 724 International Pharmacy than members. No discount for non-member except the products list on the on-sale page or if purchaser is inquiring large quantity order paying with WU. All product listed on on-sale page must be pay by Western Union.

9. Prices are subject to changes according to international currency rates without further notice.

10. Availability of products is subject to change without further notice. However you can tell if the order button is de-activated.

11. 724 International Pharmacy is not responsible for dispatch-delays caused by temporary delays in the delivery of the requested product/products from the manufacturer/supplier or by any other delays caused by third party. Nor is 724 International Pharmacy responsible for delivery delays caused by holidays or by the mail service in charge of the delivery. However we ship even on Saturday and Sunday depends on the location.

12. In the event wrong products are received, the correct products will be reshipped, and charges for the product value, only if the received products are returned in an unopened, resalable condition.

13. Cancellations are not accepted after payment has been processed.

14. If members forgot their username or password, email 724 International Pharmacy. And members are agreed not to give their username and password to any third party, otherwise, membership account will be terminated.

15. When a membership is cancelled by 724 International Pharmacy, reason will be given by email. 724 International will not accept any membership request again who were terminated before. Ex-member must go thru evaluation period again.

16. Our packages take anywhere from 4 to 12 business days to arrive to its destination depends on the deliver carries' workload and hoilday. Any problems in the delivery we will re-send the package up to three (3) times. **


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